Queen's University Belfast Snooker and Pool Club (30 August 2013)

Irish Intervarsity Snooker Champions!

Membership resumes on Freshers' Day (2-3 October 2013)

Queen's Snooker and Pool Club is based in the Alex Higgins Room (the Snooker Room) - off the Speakeasy on the First Floor of the Students' Union. The Higgins Room has 11 (7 x 4) Supreme pool tables, all coin operated, and two snooker tables. The area is much more open and spacious than before, and is licensed.

New, and indeed returning, members are very welcome! You can join up by asking the Snooker Room attendant for details. Membership is only £5 and lasts for a full year. We are *always looking for new players.

While any Queen's or visiting student can play on the pool tables, only Club members may play snooker. QUB Snooker Experience!

It's "business as usual", with Queen's students continuing to have the opportunity of enjoying cue sports in the Union, a tradition that pre-dates even the opening of the building in 1967.

Our weekly Wed. afternoon flyers start imediately and will run until Easter. From now on they will start at 1 p.m. sharp each Wednesday. All current and prospective members are most welcome to attend these events. Wed. afternoon is the best time to speak to Andrew Maguire, Ryan Quinn, David Hayes or Sal Shamoon about joining us.

Snooker league matches are on Thursday evenings. We have two teams in the Belfast league.

In summary then, recreational - as well as competitive - snooker and pool are on the menu.

See also our Facebook site for weekly updates

Yours in Sport

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